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Cally Tartan Poll

posted 2 May 2018, 08:23 by Odd Henrik Brembo   [ updated 16 Mar 2019, 08:52 ]
The Caledonian Society of Norway has never had its own tartan. Therefore we have designed a tartan that will be named The Cally Tartan and will be registered at The Scottish Register of Tartans. We have 4 colour options, and we need the members help to decide which colour option that will be the main version. This version will be used to represent the Society and will be used for decorations, website, kilts and so on.
The other 3 colours will also be registered and available for the members, but will not be used by the Society.

Go to the Cally Tartan Poll to place your vote here>>
You can see the colour versions in detail by klicking the pictures below:

Cally Red
Cally Red: The colours are inspired from the Sinclair Tartan. We added two gold stripes that represents the British and Norwegian Monarchies.

Cally Muted
Cally Muted: This is a muted version of the Cally Red. The colours are more earthy and orange.

Cally Blue
Cally Blue: We have basically switched the red and the blue from the Cally Red tartan.

Cally Hunting
Cally Hunting: We have switched the blue and green colours from The Cally Blue tartan.

The colours in these versions are the same colours. The Red represents the brotherhood in the Society. The blue represents the Sea between Scotland and Norway. The green represent the glens of Scotland and the Norwegian forest. The White represent that we are a Gentlemens Society, and the golden/yellow colour represents the British and the Norwegian Monarchies. The muted version is off course muted, but the colours represents the same as the other versions.